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Compliance and Discipline Panel Meeting – 6 October 2011

Posted on October 21, 2011

The Compliance and Discipline Panel met on 6 October 2011, under the Chairmanship of Sir Harry Ognall, to consider complaints regarding misleading statements, as set out in the notice below.

  1. A written undertaking to be given by Member X not to advertise, market or otherwise promote whether by bidding on line or in any other media form words that may be misleading to a consumer by conveying that Member X is a free-to-client organization. In particular and without derogation from any of the foregoing, not to use any of the following words or phrases:
    • Citizens Advice
    • Citizens Debt Advice
    • CCCS
    • Government Debt Help

    or any combination of the above.

  2. A warning that any further violation of the DEMSA Code of Conduct in these respects will place the company at serious risk either of suspension or of expulsion from DEMSA.
  3. A fine in the sum of £15,000 (Fifteen thousand pounds)
  4. A direction that the effect of the decision and the sanctions imposed be reported to the OFT
  5. An order that Member X pay the costs of the Panel hearing, not exceeding the sum of £5,000.