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DEMSA Training Services

Members of DEMSA are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are committed to treating their customers fairly. As part of this commitment they invest heavily in training and competency assessment of their staff and associates. DEMSA assists members in providing relevant training and independent quality assurance service to ensure that the quality of advice and services provided to their clients are consistently high.


This is reinforced by regular independent surveys of clients on debt management plan with a DEMSA member. This feedback is monitored and fed back to members to ensure that they update individual training programmes to match their job roles (e.g. debt adviser).

DEMSA also assists its members and associates by providing regular regulatory updates so that they are appraised in good time of regulatory changes and key developments in industry best practices. Recent examples include the introduction of the Standard Financial Statement and the transition to GDPR. The recently published Peter Wyman report may have a profound impact on the sector and Treasury has been consulting on the introduction of Statutory Breathing Space and Statutory DMPs. Dealing with consumer vulnerability is an industry wide challenge and our Associate Members include leading experts in this field.

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Face- to- face Training

We have a number of courses available to attendees and we regularly update content and topics in line with regulatory updates. We have new courses available throughout the year and run a number of both company specific and mixed events for each new course. We offer face-to-face training days which can be booked by both members and non-members, these can include a number of courses with company specific content and discussion. 

The courses that are currently available are as follows:

 - SM & CR

 - Introduction to GDPR for frontline staff

 - Debt Advice events & Suitability statements

 - Dealing with annual reviews & changes in circumstance

 - Dealing with Vulnerability

 - TCF- Treating Customers Fairly

 - Risk Management 

 - Financial Crime

 - Quality Assurance Framework

 - Dealing with front-line complaints

 - Escalated complaint handling

 - Dealing with third party complaints

 - Interpreting a credit report


DEMSA Training platform & E-Learning

All DEMSA courses apart from those that are practical based are available to learners on our DEMSA Training platform, all content is administered in an E-Learning environment which includes dynamic content including voice over, video and testing. The platform also allows our users/members to access all DEMSA bulletins, webinar content, regulatory news updates and much more. As a provider of professional qualifications in conjunction with NTI Insolvency it is essential for us to provide CPD for our learners. When completing a training course, webinar or attending an event with DEMSA the content will be assigned to your unique learning account and a certificate of attendance will show proof of your CPD. 


DEMSA produce both live and recorded webinars for our learners with both our own content and content from other training providers. We work in conjunction with a number of our members who provide unique webinar/training content to our learners, for example; regular Data Protection updates from Regulatory Strategies and our Insolvency webinar series with NTI Insolvency. 

Bespoke Training  

DEMSA also provide bespoke training content for a number of our members which includes both face-to-face content and E-Learning/platform based content. This can include company specific courses as well as advisor manuals and induction training. 

Certified Training Qualifications 

DEMSA works alongside Neil Taylor Insolvency to offer our members professional MAS accredited Training qualifications. 

For more information on any of the training services provided by DEMSA please contact:

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