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DEMSA was established in December 2000 in order to promote good practice in the debt management industry, and to protect the interests of the public and the lenders to whom they owe money.

Debt management companies act on behalf of borrowers to help them to clear their debts. They do this by entering into direct negotiations with creditors in order to facilitate the repayment of debts. In return for their services debt management companies are generally paid a fee by the borrowers.

Membership of DEMSA is reliant upon debt management companies being able to demonstrate that they comply with the standards set out in the DEMSA Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct has been developed in consultation with a number of debt management companies and major lenders.

The aim of the Code, and that of DEMSA, is to encourage debt management companies to provide services of the highest standards in which the public and the credit industry can have confidence.

Information for consumers...

Information for consumers...

If you are in financial difficulty, struggling with the monthly repayments on your unsecured debts, you may need help. Our members are amongst the most highly regarded debt management companies in the UK, and operate to the highest standards. All DEMSA members are monitored in accordance with DEMSAs approved code of conduct.


Information for Debt Managers...

Information for Debt Managers...

Debt Management and IVA providers, who wish to join DEMSA, and participate in a fully monitored, OFT approved Code of Conduct, will be subject to a rigorous audit to ensure full compliance with the DEMSA code of conduct. Membership of DEMSA is reliant upon companies being able to demonstrate that they comply with the standards set out in the DEMSA Code of Conduct (which includes but is not limited to complying with the OFT Debt Management Guidance).